Hear From Our Members

  1. Elisa Rechi
    "I have really enjoyed getting back into fitness and building my strength post my back surgery in November 2015, am really enjoying being back and training with JR Fitness!"
  2. Joong Young
    "Justin has an excellent way of tailoring his group classes to individuals with injuries. He has helped with targeted exercises (& stretching) after my knee reconstruction & has been caring, inspiring & committed,"
  3. Kathy & Rachel Horton
    "The main reason we began training was due to my health issues. Justin has been very supportive during this time, always catering to my abilities on the day. We both appreciate his patience and perseverance," Rachel.
  4. Whitney Erskine
    "I am really enjoying my time with JR coaching. Everyone is so welcoming and supportive. Thank you for being such a positive person and making each session challenging and unique,"
  5. Steph McManus
    "Justin is the first person who has ever been able to get me interested in regular fitness. I have loved seeing the progress I have made . Even my 5 year old son now loves coming to training so he can see Justin,"
  6. Amy Williams
    "I really enjoy the social side of the group training classes while keeping fit. Getting out of putting the kids to bed is also a bonus! haha,"
  7. Melissa Stratton
    "I really enjoy boxing in my personal training sessions. Have you heard the story about the first time Justin baked muffins?? His stories make the sessions fun and distracts me from the pain"
  8. Chris Jones
    " I love coming to Justin's classes. He maybe challenged in his ability to time accurately, but he always reassures me he is working on it, making me inevitably work harder...groan...."
  9. Susanna Lanni
    "I have been doing personal training with Justin since February 2015 and I love it! I have learnt so much and really enjoy being in the sunshine and getting fit and strong. It is the best kick start mentally and physically"
  10. Lynette Ritchie
    "I really enjoy your classes Justin, even though you have a questionable idea of a fun exercise!"
  11. Kim McMahon
    "I have never enjoyed training as much as i have with JR Fitness coaching! You are a fantastic coach Justin always encouraging everyone, pushing us along and making each session different and fun"
  12. Elissa Howie
    The group classes are a really fun part of my week. I enjoy sharing laughs and pain with a great group, led by Justin's constant cheerful encouragement and dubious timekeeping. I'm definitely fitter and stronger as a result.